Noida Vs Gurgaon – Which One Is Better For Property Investment?

As Delhi-NCR faces scarcity of land for any kind of new development, two satellite cities Noida and Gurgaon are answers to the burgeoning need for housing. The two are thus further expanding and growing. The expansion throws an opportunity for further growth in Noida Real estate. It is for this reason the two cities have now got mature real estate markets for different set of buyers and investors.
However, the two markets have their own return potential. So which one is better than to invest? It is said that real estate investment should be done on the basis of only one factor- the location. But it is always better to understand the demand-supply scenario, proposed infrastructure and price points in the region for investment. Here we take these factors one by one and draw a comparison between the two cities.

Price differential

The average prices of the two cities vary. Though the gap between the average pricing is decreasing the difference still remains. While the average rate in Noida is between Rs 3,500-4,500 per sq ft Gurgaon offers Rs 7,000-8,000 per sq ft. While Noida has now started witnessing launches in the segment of Rs 8,000 and above Gurgaon has been seeing such luxury launches from past two to three years. While Noida’s recent launches such as North Eye and Supernova are in this range Gurgaon is full of such projects. There are a number of stretches in Gurgaon such as the Golf Course Road, Sohna Road, Sushant Lok and Dwarka Expressway that have been witnessing such premium launches. Thus, it can be said that Gurgaon remains for deep pocketed.


The two regions are very well supplied. Multi-story apartments form the bulk of this supply. However, the year 2012 has been the year of poor sales. Thus there is huge amount of inventory (number of unsold units) that is present in the two cities. This is putting pressure on developers and property owners to reduce their rates. The choice is yours if you can wait till there is actual visible correction in rates.


The investments become a lot easier if the regulations of a city make it easier for investors. While Noida still has problems with land acquisitions Gurgaon’s land acquisition policy has been the most advanced in the entire country. The provision of annuity payments to landowners who sell their land for private development is a part of the land acquisition policy of Haryana state. The central government that has recently passed the Bill on Land Acquisition has included this as one of the clauses. Uttar Pradesh is still lagging. It is for this reason Gurgaon has seen more private development in the past five years in comparison to Noida. In comparison, Noida has been hit drastically due to the land controversy in the Noida Extension area. Though Gurgaon is also witnessing some problems along the Dwarka Expressway due to land controversy Noida still lags in terms of regulations. So while investing, consider this aspect and look at areas which are free of problems.
Infrastructure and connectivity

When it comes to infrastructure and connectivity Noida has an edge over Gurgaon. The importance of the two cities lies in the fact that the two are closer and connected to Delhi. But here is the difference. While Noida has various exits for Delhi Gurgaon is connected to Delhi by one straight approach. This is because Noida runs parallel to Delhi and Gurgaon is far from the national capital.

In terms of infrastructure too Noida has got an edge over Gurgaon. If one compares the two cities, Noida’s infrastructure is better planned and improving by each day. Gurgaon’s infrastructure still remains better close to the National Highway 8, where most offices are located. Rest of the areas have poor roads, bad connectivity and other problems such as traffic snarls. To know more about noida projects Jaypee Greens Wish Town on the other hand has seen overall development. This gives an edge to investors in Noida, as there is still a lot of potential for growth in rates.


Gurgaon remains largely driven by investors. Noida is more end-users driven and more affordable for mid-segment buyers. In terms of inventory too, Noida and Gurgaon has more options than any other city in the NCR. Historically, it has been observed that Gurgaon has appreciated more than Noida. But Noida is not that lagging. Various recent announcements and the infrastructure uplift the city have heated the Noida’s market. What favours investors entering the Noida are the price points that would give better appreciation and return on investments. Gurgaon still remains for buyers in the premium segment. High price points in Gurgaon will not fetch you high rate of appreciation. Noida could give better returns but regulations could be a hassle. So think before you put in your money!

Sourced from:- MAKAAN.COM  Mon Jul 27 2015


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